My favourite roasts

I will show you how to create the perfect English slow-cooked roast
with 'to-die-for- gravy and roast potatos, even if you are not able to
get British groceries or vegetables.

Slow cooked Leg of Mutton (not lamb)

Let's begin with a roast that 99% of all Danes will steer clear of - Roast Lamb - "It tastes of wool" they cry - when did you last put some salt n pepper on your jumper and tuck in?

Michael Stilborg's slowcooked roast leg of lamb

5 pounder roast leg of lamb

Getting started aka Prepping

My purchasing perspective will always be from Denmark
Lidl almost always has fresh large legs of Irish lamb, but at 2.3-3 kg, so they are
certainly not lamb but rather teenage sheep.

Choose they fattiest leg you can find - more white sheep fat the better taste and more succelent result.
Oh yes, and rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids

1  Day before service

Unwrap the leg, carefully collecting as much meat juice and blood as possible in your roasting pan.
Wash thoroughly in tepid salty water and dry off with paper towels. Place on grid in roasting pan.
Cover entirely with shrinkl-wrap and place in the coldest part of your fridge - preferably a Chiller Drawer 0.1C+.

Go watch some Netflix and wait...

Roast Day

Get up damn early - really I mean it - 5.30 am for preference.

Aah you didn't stop reading, good.

Now we prep the fond that will become a world-class gray at 13.00, in 7 hours time.
Empty just under ½ a jar of Oscars Lamb Bouillon into a very soup mug (2 Knorr lamb cubes alternatively - will be more salty).
Add small handful of dried onion chips (looks like toenails) - not ground, 1 tea-spoon sage, 1 large tea-spoon Colemans Mint Sauce (Get at Amazon in Germany) and 2 heaped tea-spoons brown cane sugar.

Now add spluttering boiling water - not much - and vigourously grind everything to a paste adding more boiling water until you have soup. Tip carefully into the roasting pan under the leg.
Add ½ cup cold milk and mix by tipping pan around.

Peel 6-8 skinny carrots (or slice lengthwise) and place in fond 

Peel and halve 4 medium red onions and place around the leg

Now rub leg with olive oil and add salt, fresh ground pepper, some onion flakes and a light sprinkle of garlic powder.

Finally shake a miserly layer of white wheat flour to hold the condiments in place
Place into the middle of your oven, pre-heated to 75C convenction.

End product

My slow cooked leg of lamb


Check roasting pan fond and add water as necessary every 2 hours.

After 5 hours, turn up the heat to 185C baste the leg liberally with meted butter. Keep an eye on it for 30-45 mins.

Remove and place on carving board, skim fat from fond and keep for your next roast.

Make gravy "Ye Olde Fashioned Way" (never Bisto) and add milk to thin, and possibly some more cane sugar.

De-bone professionally, slice and serve up with onions and carrots. And potatoes of your choice.

Next time I will tell you how to make real roast tats - even here in Scandinavia

Take care

Michael Stilborg